Small Group Training (Classes)

Pilates classes include Reformer, Matwork, Barre, Matwork with Pilates Props, and Spine Corrector. Classes can also include a combination of equipment, mathwork, props, etc. TRX Suspension Training classes may also be offered.

The average class size is 4 but we can accommodate a bit larger group with 6 spine correctors, 7 TRX, and 10 mats.

Most people that come into the studio looking to join a small group class prefer to be in a Pilates Reformer class. The Reformer is probably the most recognizable and popular of the equipment that Joseph Pilates created.

Class Prices

Pilates Classes are an hour long and priced ala carte without membership fees. The classes are priced in packages of 1, 5 or 10. Students that enroll online will need to have a package of classes in order to be placed on the roster. It is also encouraged that everyone reserve a spot for a class.

Price List

  • Single Class $30
  • 5 Pack of Classes $125
  • 10 Pack of Classes $230

Book a Class

We've partnered with MINDBODY so you can easily book yourself and reserve a spot in one of our Pilates classes on our web site. At Bird Dog Pilates & Fitness, our classes are smaller and more intimate to provide as much individualized instruction as possible.