Pilates classes at Bird Dog Pilates & Fitness are called Quartets because we do not have more than 4 students per 1 teacher. The Quartet can include Pilates equipment (e.g., Reformer, Towers, Chair, Barre, Spine Corrector, etc.), Matwork, or Matwork with Pilates Props, and Fletcher FloorWork. Quartets can also include a combination of equipment, matwork, props, or TRX Suspension Training. At Bird Dog Pilates & Fitness, our smaller group training afford a more intimate environment to provide as much individualized instruction as possible.


Pilates Quartets are about an hour long and priced ala carte and three membership options. The sessions can be purchased as a single session ($40) or in packages of 5 and 10. The 5-Pack of quartets are $175 (or $35 per session) and the 10-Pack is $300 (or $30 per session). People that enroll online will need to have a paid session(s) in his/her account in order to be placed on the roster. It is also encouraged that everyone reserve a spot for a class.

Quartet Memberships are all about commitment to the practice of Pilates. We offer three choices at 6 month terms that are based on the number of times you want to commit to classes per week.

  • The Pilates Regular  - 1 Quartet per week ($140/month)
  • The Pilates Commitment - 2 Quartets per week ($200/month)
  • The Pilates Fit - Unlimited Quartets per week ($250/month)

The Pilates Regular is a membership of one quartet per week. This will establish a regular routine of practicing Pilates one time per week. This is a good option for those that use Pilates as an additional program with a fitness routine or program. It is also a way to commit to getting started in a Pilates practice with regularity. In the instances where you may want to come in more than one time a week, you are still able to purchase an ala carte session. The Pilates Commitment membership allows clients to commit to coming in two times per week (one per day). This will allow you to strengthen Pilates skills, build muscle endurance, strength, and increase range of motion. The Pilates Fit membership provides an unlimited number of quartets. This membership will provide access to one quartet session per day for the term. This plan is ideal for those that want to build upon their commitment and have a high level of Pilates fitness by attending multiple (more than 2) sessions per week.


Clients can easily book themselves and reserve a spot in one of our Pilates quartets through our booking software with WellnessLiving. Clients with an active membership or active sessions can book online. Clients need to have sessions in the account to book. Bookings close 12 hours before the start of class. To be added to a quartet roster during that time, please contact the studio to be added by calling or texting (602) 900-8696.

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