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Pilates Teacher

Emma is a Pilates teacher at Bird Dog Pilates & Fitness. A Half Moon Bay, California native, Emma grew up with a natural attraction to sports and played competitive basketball through her whole childhood and even into college. She fell victim to what most athletes do when playing at a high level – injuries. She felt that the rehabilitation for her injuries was just putting a band-aid on it and not dealing with the problem at its core. When Emma was introduced to Pilates, she learned that in order to have a well-functioning, fit body, it was important to start with a good foundation. The great feeling and instant feedback her body gave her when leaving the studio made the decision easy to pursue becoming a teacher.

Emma completed the Foundational Program in the Fletcher Pilates Comprehensive Program of Study in 2021. Her journey to becoming a Pilates teacher started in her home town but completed here in Arizona. Emma completed her casework teaching and observations with Wes Waggener at Bird Dog Pilates & Fitness and testing at the Fletcher Pilates headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. Her goal is to share the knowledge she has learned through her program and change the idea of health and fitness with specified movement being its basis. She wants to help people build not just a body that is strong, but one that has a foundation solid enough to take on anything.

When Emma isn’t in the studio, you can catch her watching re-runs of the Office with an iced almond milk latte in hand, her cats by her side, playing a game of pick-up basketball at the gym or at the baseball field cheering on her fiancé, Lucas, a professional baseball player.

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